Bartender charged for serving US gunman

A Texas bartender who served a man the night he shot his estranged wife and seven others in 2017 has been charged with criminal negligence. Lindsey Glass was arrested in Plano last month, accused of violating a state alcohol law by selling to "an intoxicated or insane person". Authorities allege Ms Glass should have known [.]

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Lindsey Glass, 27, a bartender in Plano, Texas, was arrested and charged with serving Spencer Hight, 32, who left the bar and massacred his estranged wife and seven others.

Bartender Lindsey Glass charged for serving gunman alcohol before deadly Dallas shooting rampage Texas law says its is illegal for anyone to serve alcohol to a ‘habitual drunkard or an.

–On the bonus show: city dwellers don’t like congestion pricing, TX bartenders charged for serving gunman before shooting, students who owe lunch money in RI will get PB&J, much more.

re: Texas bartender charged for serving gunman who left bar, killed 8 people Posted by The Cow Goes Moo Moo on 5/9/19 at 6:26 pm to dcbl She has the right to remain silent whilst she’s going down on my hog.

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Bartender charged for serving US gunman. The bartender who served a man before he killed eight people in 2017 now faces a negligence charge. Go to full article Published: 7th May 2019 – 2.39 pm Source: BBC World News.

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A bartender has been charged for serving drinks to a man who later went on to kill his estranged wife and another seven people. Lindsey Glass, 27, was arrested last week and charged with a.

. in Plano, Texas in 2017. Lindsay Glass, the bartender who served him, was arrested on a misdemeanor.. U.S. news. Texas bartender faces charges for serving shooter before mass killing. lindsay glass was charged with.

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The AR-15 assault rifle is commonly used in mass shootings in the United States. Here’s a closer look at likely reasons why. By The Texas bartender who served. in jail under the misdemeanor charge.

A Texas bartender was busted for serving the gunman who went on a deadly, drunken shooting rampage at a Dallas Cowboys watch party.

Police worked Monday to pin down why a 24-year-old gunman killed nine people. "But after some time passed, he was back,