Podcast: How KFC appeals to global tastes and keeps its 11 herbs and spices secret

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How KFC appeals to global tastes and keeps its 11 herbs and spices secret by Nation’s Restaurant News published on 2019-05-23T21:11:45Z On Extra Serving, senior editor ron ruggless speaks with KFC Global’s head of food innovation and technology on how they appeal to trends in 135 countries.

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In KFC’s innermost sanctuary, where its chicken creations are hatched, the racks of spices and sauces stretch along a wall, within easy reach for a chef to zest up the latest concoction.

In 2007 KFC proudly introduces a new recipe that keeps the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices and finger-lickin’ flavor, but contains Zero Grams of Trans Fat per serving thanks to new cooking oil. There are over 14,000 KFC outlets in 105 countries and territories around the world.

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Similarly, while Kentucky Fried Chicken serves much the same chicken with the eleven herbs and spices in Japan, a lesser amount of sugar is used in the potato salad, and fries are substituted for mashed potatoes. There are certain benefits to standardization.

KFC is bringing much more than 11 secret herbs and spices to Myanmar, as it looks to ingrain itself into the country’s food & beverage sector, and wider communities, as the country’s best loved brand

KFC has carefully kept the list of the original 11 herbs and spices under wraps. They are reputed to use two different suppliers to prepare the blend so than no single source has the list. In 2016, Jay Jones of the Chicago Tribune visited the Sanders Cafe in the tiny town of Corbin, KY, where Sanders first started selling his famous chicken.

Newspaper says it uncovered KFC’s secret recipe KFC heavily publicizes its secret recipe, insisting it’s kept safely in a vault and transported in an armored truck. However, many recipes online claim to duplicate the KFC fried chicken taste. And if the Tribune’s latest recipe claim is not accurate, it may be awfully close.