Trump Shares Video of Pelosi as She ‘Stammers Through News Conference’

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Fox News host Gregg. don’t go along with her. She’s sort of the old guard." Shortly after the segment aired, Trump shared it on social media, including a quote made by Rollins and the video of.

Amid Pelosi’s accusations that Trump threw a "temper tantrum" in a closed-door meeting with Democrats and is engaged in a "cover-up," Trump tweeted a video aired on Fox Business’ "Lou Dobbs Tonight" that is a 30-second montage of Pelosi stammering repeatedly over the course of a 20-minute news conference Thursday.

Team Pelosi is doing damage control now that many Americans are convinced that Nancy is suffering from brain freezes and glitches. The 79-year-old Democrat’s Chief of Staff freaked out and accused President Donald Trump of posting a "doctored" video of her utter confusion and stammering. However, new expert evidence has come to light.

Trump tweeted the video with the caption: "PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE." The video, which first appeared on Fox Business’s " Lou Dobbs Louis (Lou) Carl Dobbs Poynter pulls blacklist of ‘unreliable’ news websites after backlash Trump targets Biden’s support from firefighters union in Twitter barrage Fox Business tops.

>> Read more trending news "PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE," Trump wrote in a twitter post sharing the video, which first appeared Thursday night on Fox Business Network’s "Lou.

It’s getting easier by the day to produce deepfakes, as well as to share them. Earlier this year, President Trump also made.

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The widely shared videos raised broader concerns about digital. “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” the president tweeted. Mr. Trump had “another temper tantrum,” she told reporters at her weekly.

On Thursday, Trump escalated a battle with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, posting a Fox Business Network clip where Pelosi allegedly "stammers though [a] news conference." The clip showcased Pelosi stuttering and jumbling her words in a 35-second mashup of a lengthy news conference.

But despite all that, Nancy Pelosi, even in this ridiculously edited hatchet job video, put together by some dude who looks like a slightly less loved Sean Spicer, can string together more coherent sentences than Captain Adderall ever could.

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